This is an internet-comic (a comic that is on the internet).

It is updated once every harvest moon. Or, after an especially bountiful harvest, weekly. Maybe Friday. I also draw comics for LINE Webtoon, updated Tuesdays.

My name is James Squires and I live in Wellington, New Zealand and I draw pictures and put them on the internet.  You can contact me via electronic mail at or send me a “twitter“.


  • (Tumblr. You’ve heard of Tumblr. Updates sometimes.)
  • Moonbeard Facebook page (It’s a Facebook page, for updates and related goings-on. Liking this page will bring you good fortune.)
  • (Spinning eyes, nothing else)
  • Society6 (Currently the only Moonbeard store. For buying Moonbeard prints. What?!)
  • Posts comics sometimes on reddit as