This is an internet-comic (a comic that is on the internet).

It is updated once every harvest moon. Or, after an especially bountiful harvest, weekly. Maybe Thursday.

My name is James Squires and I live in Wellington, New Zealand and I draw pictures and put them on the internet.  You can contact me via electronic mail at or send me a “twitter”. If I ever get asked questions frequently I’ll make a Frequently Asked Questions section. I quite like those.

I also think this “About” page probably needs some sort of picture. I’ll get right on that. No I won’t.



  • (Tumblr. You’ve heard of Tumblr. Updates sometimes.)
  • Moonbeard Facebook page (It’s a Facebook page, for updates and related goings-on. Liking this page is a very good decision.)
  • (Not a real website, but I had the domain so it had to be used for something)
  • Society6 (Currently the only Moonbeard store. For buying Moonbeard prints. Wow!)



  • Some sort of store that sells things (also: stuff to sell)
  • Obtrusive advertisements
  • Secrets