The comic was initially very different (less sarcastic and a whole lot angrier) but it felt out of place so I reworked it. As a result it doesn’t say as much as I wanted it to and focuses on low-hanging fruit — the more extreme positions on the subject — but I suppose if I’m going to turn this site into a soapbox I should probably do so gradually, so nobody notices until it’s too late. This comic was inspired by recent Measles outbreak in Hamilton. Also relevant: this wonderfully angry thing.

Oh! Also you can get this book now. It’s a link to a book I made that is a pretty neat wee sampler of Moonbeard comics, published by Pikitia Press, to whom I am eternally grateful. It would look just great on your coffee table as a giant coaster for your giant mugs, from which you drink your giant hot chocolates. They have a wonderful selection of other NZ/OZ cartoonists well worth checking out. Mahler’s Deep Park was all kinds of fantastic.