Hello! Here is a comic about how adorable cats are. Lookit the little guy. Adorable.

Couple things I need to bring up in the meeting for today. New buttons in the nav. One goes to the Facebook page for Moonbeard, which you should definitely “like” because I am so very close to my target of 132. Then I can retire. There is also now a “store” button. I have fun plans for that button, but for now it just goes to a Society6 page that has a few comic prints available and Sad Things In Fields. If you’ve always wanted a framed Sad Batman to stare at you while you eat, then, well, now you can.

And! My copy of Faction came in the mail yesterday and it is beautiful. It is a kiwi comic anthology that I drew a couple of pages for. Get it here, there are some wonderfully talented people in there. Also: me