Hooray for cursors. This comic is about cursors. Apologies for shoddy cursors and gif. This comic had an extra two panels full of swears that didn’t make the cut. Not due to self-censorship,  it just wasn’t that necessary to preface this comic with two panels of a drunk man swearing at a cursor. The alternate version will be in the bonus features in the dvd box set. Apologies for poorly implemented cursor graphics. May fix in future (won’t happen).

Hey so who’s having a Marmite party right now? I missed it so bad. Necessary context for the 95% of people reading this who aren’t from NZ: Marmite is a popular yeast spread that hasn’t been on the shelves for over a year following the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Right now this country seems to be torn between those overwhelmed with joy our national dish is back on the shelves, those complaining about it not tasting how they remember, and those watching with bemusement over how excited everybody seems to be about a yeast spread. I am in the first category. JOY