This comic is not about a desk but it definitely has a desk in it.

I’d like to remind you that I have a Tumblr, because nothing I’ve posted has one trillion notes yet, and I’ve decided notes are how I will attribute meaning to my life. I’ll be the guy that had many notes. My eulogy will just be someone reading a list of all my notes. How many notes is too many notes? Can you overdose on notes? Still so much to learn about Tumblr.

So I have a Society6 page, and there are even two things you can buy. I bought them to test it, they came out nice. There is a framed picture of Sad Batman In A Field in our kitchen. I lost the comic I bought. I’m not too worried though because it’s my comic so it felt a bit weird buying it anyway. Society6 seems like a neat site; when I get around to it I will populate it with fun things. Cool huh.