My second comic of 2013 is about a magic spider. Good to see my sense of humour matured considerably over the Summer hiatus.

So! If you like NZ comics (you do) there is a remarkable comic Faction that is available for download and has some very talented people in it and I’m slightly confused as to how I didn’t know about it sooner. Maybe it’s because I live in a tiny box underground and am fed through an elaborate  series of tubes. Also Faction is free. I like free, you like free. So you should go download it and spread it around and stuff.  Sometimes I plug the things I like. I might do that more often so it seems like some sort of human being runs this site. I AM A REAL HUMAN

Should I get a tumblr? Is Blogger dead? But all my stuff is on Blogger. And it was always so nice to me. Also should I replace my comment system with Disqus? Do people do that? I don’t know. I toyed with it before but broke everything and decided it wasn’t worth it. But it might be? I mean, I don’t really get many comments anyway. Just looking to jazz up this site a bit. Speaking of jazz, my first major change to moonbeard will be having Haitian Fight Song play in the background as soon as you go to the site.  People love that, right? When you have music play automatically when you go to their site? Yeah, people love that. I know what people love.

I think those questions were rhetorical but how do I know for sure?