Several things worth noting here.

  1. This is the first and in all likelihood also the last installment of Proverb Comics on this website.
  2. While digging through an old, old box of coursework I found the middle comic above scrawled on a piece of refill paper. Next to this I had written “NO. THIS IS HORRIBLE.” While not good enough for me 6 years ago, my standards have apparently dropped significantly.
  3. Changed up site design, the implementation of which is thanks largely to this guy.
  4. I am now on Twitter… bit late to the party, I know. What is Twitter. You should follow me because my one follower looks ever so lonely. I’ll “Tweet” when I update and stuff, but I don’t promise any snappy witticisms. Maybe a pun. There’s a shiny new twitter button at the top right of this page.

Also, I drew Batman